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Executive Committee 2018 - 2019          Chair Sandra Goulding Vice Chair VACANCY Secretary Maureen Wright Treasurer Ron Clayton Membership Douglas West Speakers VACANCY Group Liaison Pat Fearnside Email & IT Nino Parascandolo Social Secretary Thelma Wilkes Catering Vi King Hall Manager/Database Nino Parascandolo Cynthia Allen       Non-Committee Roles   Meet & Greet Edna Sutton Newsletter Editor Mary Jupp
The    Committee    consists    of    11    members    who    are    elected    at    the   Annual    General Meeting   which   is   held   in   October   each   year.   It   has   the   power   to   co-opt   members   for specific purposes. Two members of this year's committee have been co-opted.
WELCOME TO BEXLEY U3A The University of the Third Age
We   are   a   group   of   retired   or   semi-retired   people   who   take   pleasure   in   being   together and   at   the   same   time   have   a   wish   to   further   our   learning.   We   regard   ourselves   as   both learners   and   teachers.   We   make   opportunities   to   meet   others   who   share   our   interests, extend   our   knowledge   and   experience,   and   exercise   our   minds   and   bodies   at   our   own pace - as much as we want to. In short, we take the opportunity to enjoy life.
Bexley U3A