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WELCOME TO BEXLEY U3A The University of the Third Age
Can I come to a meeting without joining the U3A? You   can   attend   one   meeting   at   Roberts   Hall,   that’s   the   main   monthly   meeting,   at   2pm   on 2nd   Thursday   of   the   month   (except   the   October   AGM   and   July   and   December   Socials which are for members only).   Are the main monthly meetings always held on a Thursday? Yes.   Subject   group   meetings   are   held   throughout   the   week.   Most   of   them   are   morning   or afternoon,   Monday   to   Friday. A   very   small   number   of   groups   meet   in   the   evening   or   at   the weekend.   Can I attend a group without being a member? No, groups are only for members of the U3A.   How do I become a member? Please   use   the   membership   application   form   on   the   website.   See   the   Information   and How to Join page.   Can I attend a New Members meeting before I join the U3A? No.   These   meetings   are   for   people   who   have   joined   over   the   previous   few   months   –   they are held twice a year.   How do I join a group? Once   you   are   a   member   of   the   U3A   you   will   get   a   list   of   groups   with   the   leaders’   phone numbers – you contact the leader yourself to see if there are vacancies.   What can I do if I can’t find a group to join? If   the   group   you   want   to   join   has   no   vacancies   you   may   like   to   start   a   parallel   group   with others   who   are   in   the   same   position. The   existing   group   would   be   willing   to   offer   to   help   to get it started. You could also start a group on a new subject.   Is there an age restriction on joining? There’s   no   formal   age   restriction   but   to   take   part   in   the   activities   you   need   to   be   free during   some   part   of   the   week,   in   normal   working   hours.   We’ve   had   disabled   members   in their   forties   and   fifties   who   can   fit   this   pattern   and   a   few   people   who   are   still   working   part- time.   Does the U3A run classes? No, we meet in self help groups and learn from each other.   Is the tutor qualified? We   don’t   use   tutors   –   the   group   leader   may   have   some   qualification   in   the   subject,   e.g.   in the   case   of   a   language   they   might   be   a   native   speaker,   or   they   may   just   have   an   interest in the subject.   Do I need any qualification to join a group? No, unless the level is indicated in the title, e.g. Beginners French, Advanced Genealogy.   Do I get a certificate for taking a course? No,   there   are   no   certificates   and   no   formal   courses   –   you   belong   to   the   group   for   as   long as you are interested.   If    I    am    already    a    member,    can    I    use    this    website    to    contact    members    of    the committee? It   would   be   much   simpler   for   us   if   you   send   an   email   direct   to   the   person   you   want   to speak to. Email addresses are listed in the printed version of the monthly newsletter.
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