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The   Metropolitan   Police   have   produced   some   useful   information   to   help   keep you   safe   online   and   with   your   banking.   They   have   produced   a   booklet   titled   ‘The Little   Book   of   Big   Scams’   to   help   increase   awareness   among   the   general   public and   showing   steps   that   can   be   taken   to   improve   protection.   This   covers   such things   as   identity   fraud,   door-to-door   scams,   banking   scams,   online   shopping, investment scams, phone scams, hints to help protect yourself and more.
You can also visit their website for further information
Government and other advice Internet Scams and Phishing Copycat websites Get Safe Online a partnership supported by HM Government and leading organisations Types of Scams Cyber Aware also has useful information
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