MEMBERSHIP and FEES   We   have   at   present   in   excess   of   500   members   divided   into   50   interest   groups.   Fees currently   are   £12   per   annum.   If   you   join   after   1   October   your   subscription   will   carry   through to the end of the following year.     INTEREST GROUPS   Membership   entitles   you   to   join   as   many   interest   groups   as   you   wish,   subject   to   vacancies within each group. See the Groups page  for the complete list.     MEETINGS   Monthly   meetings   are   held   on   the   second   Thursday   of   the   month   at   Roberts   Hall,   behind Christ   Church,   Bexleyheath   Broadway   at   1.30   pm   for   2.00   pm   with   a   varied   programme   of activities   and   speakers.   You   may   attend   one   of   these   meetings   as   a   visitor   free   of   charge to meet members. Meeting dates and speakers are shown on the Monthly Meetings page.
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