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Talks    are    held    at    the    monthly    meetings    at    Roberts    Hall,    behind    Christ    Church, Bexleyheath Broadway at 1.30 pm for 2.00 pm. See the map for Roberts Hall .   The   maximum   number   of   people   who   can   be   accommodated   at   these   meetings   is 150.   There   is   limited   parking   space   and   members   who   do   park   must   ensure   that   they display a sign that states attendance at a U3A meeting in Roberts Hall.
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January Ian Low My life as a toastmaster February Ingrid Janson Organise your home! March Kinder Transport Speaker tba. Please note the speaker Children Refugee Train will   start   at   13:45   and   finish   at   15:30 April Support Dogs tba May Wilf Lower Behind the Scenes of Television’s Golden years June Bob Ogley Kent in the 19th Century July Summer Social with Don’t miss. He is great Aiden Kent - Singer August Oliver Wooller The   Blind   Mayor   and   the   Ghostly   Cat. Also - the history of Hall Place, the House September Gaye Illsley Lasting Powers of Attorney (don’t be put off by the title!) October Saffron Summerfield A Talk With Music, Milton Keynes to Mississippi November AGM The Evergreen Revellers, Choir December Christmas Social Tom Carradine, good old Cockney sing-a-long
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