Hall Place
Hall   Place   held   an   important   secret   70   years   ago.   During   the   Second   World   War   it   was   a Y   station,   code   name   Santa   Fe,   where   nearly   200   US   soldiers,   or   GIs,   worked   day   and night to intercept the German Military's coded messages. The   GIs   arrived   in   Bexley   in   late   1943   as   part   of   the   Allied   build-up   to   the   Normandy landings   and   the   subsequent   liberation   of   Europe   from   Nazi   occupation.   The   men   of   the US   Army   Signal   Corps   stationed   in   Bexley   played   a   vital   role   capturing   the   scrambled messages that were then sent to Bletchley Park , known as Station X. The   success   of   the   D-Day   landings   in   June   1944,   vital   if   Hitler   was   to   be   defeated, depended on good intelligence about the enemy's activities. Hundreds   of   men   and   women   were   involved   in   what   was   known   as   Operation   Ultra.   This exhibition   is   a   tribute   to   the   US   soldiers   who   worked   exhausting   hours   in   top   secret   at   Hall Place.   Several   veterans   and   their   families   have   kindly   lent   objects   and   images   so   that their remarkable story can be told.   A   group   of   Bexley   U3A   members   under   the   guidance   of   Priscilla   Macpherson   is   proud   to have   assisted   the   curator,   Kirsty   Macklen,   to   assemble   some   of   the   background   material for   this   exhibition.   It   was   a   U3A   shared   learning   project   and   involved   archival   research   and a very enjoyable visit to Bletchley Park earlier in the year.
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Code Name: Santa Fe The Secret Wartime History of Hall Place   An Exhibition at Hall Place 13 September 2014 - 15 March 2015
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